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Master Trainer Portal

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What is in the Portal?

The Master Trainer Portal provides access to exclusive Best Friends™ content and an online community to connect with other Master Trainers. 

Becoming a Master Trainer certifies you in teaching the Best Friends™ approach to your staff, and our Expert Leaders will ensure that you are fully prepared to train your staff upon certification. But the guidance from HPP and our Expert Leaders doesn’t end there! Master Trainers will leave their training with access to the Master Trainer Portal—a resource center filled with training materials, promotional materials, and a forum to connect with other Master Trainers. Staff training has never been easier, and our promotional offerings simplify the process of marketing your community as a Best Friends™ Environment.

In the Portal, Master Trainers will be able to:

Download training modules

PowerPoint presentations, training outlines, instructor materials, recommended handouts and worksheets, and tests and answer keys, are conveniently grouped together for you in our Resource Center. There are currently six training modules you can use to teach your staff the Best Friends™ approach!

Download staff training materials

If you don’t want to download the entire training module, PowerPoint presentations, training outlines, worksheets, instructor materials, and test and answer keys for each training module are available to be downloaded in the Staff Training Materials section. You’ll also find information on customizing your training presentations, along with the guidelines to do so.

Other helpful tools in this section include a certificate of attendance to give to staff members who complete your training, additional handouts and worksheets to share with staff, and a cheat sheet that covers the real stories of all of the people who make an appearance in the training modules.

Download promotional materials

Being a Best Friends Certified Master Trainer (BF-CMT) not only brings this person-centered approach to dementia care to your community, but gives you the opportunity to promote your community as a Best Friends™ Environment. These resources will help you to do just that. Logos, posters, customizable news releases, and more can be used to encourage people to choose your community, by demonstrating the value of Best Friends and how it improves the lives of those you care for.

Connect with other Master Trainers!

The Best Friends™ Portal is a community of Master Trainers; a place where BF-CMTs can share ideas, success stories, inspiration, and support each other in their day to day caregiving. Use our Master Trainer Directory to see all Master Trainer locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, and BF-CMT profiles. Start a topic or join a conversation in the Forum!

Create a personalized profile

Share a little bit about yourself in your Bio! Upload your photo (if you’d like) to add to your profile! You have the choice to allow other Master Trainers to see your contact information, but it’s not necessary to include it if you do not wish to be contacted.

Favorite resources

See a training module you want easy access to? Do you want to save inspiration from other Master Trainers? You can hit the Favorite button on any resource to save it to your profile—that way you can easily find your favorites in one click!

Interested in becoming a Master Trainer and gaining access to the exclusive content in the Portal?

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