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Feb 15, 2022 Best Friends: Introduction

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Introductory Training Options

HPP brings introductory training sessions to you. You choose:

  • Number of people to be trained: 20−50, depending on the size of your program and who you would like trained
  • Duration of training: 1 full day is recommended, but options may be available for half-day sessions or 2-day sessions, depending on your interests, needs, and staff scheduling
  • Date(s): You let us know the day(s) on which you would like the training delivered, and we’ll check for trainer availability and confirm arrangements with you
  • Location: You provide an appropriate venue for the training (e.g., a conference room at your facility, a meeting room at a community location, or a local hotel); meeting room costs are your responsibility

Trainer Selection:

Your trainer will be an expert in the Best Friends™ approach, often one of the developers/authors of Best Friends™ products, or an individual identified as an Expert Leader for Master Training in the Best Friends™ approach to dementia care.


HPP will provide you with a customized quotation. See the Cost Chart as a sample guide. Cost typically is in the range of $1,700−$4,000 per event, plus reimbursement for trainer’s travel and related expenses, depending on the length of your training, the number of people you are having trained, and the trainer.