Life Story

What is the Life Story?

Life Story...for the Best Care!One of the key elements of Best Friends™, the Life Story is the understanding that good Alzheimer’s care begins with acknowledgement of a person’s life story. Because people with dementia often can no longer tell us their histories, care partners must become their biographers, even if it means becoming a good detective.


The more a care partner knows about a person, the more he or she can use the Life Story to improve interactions and care, including:

  • Greeting the person and improving recognition
  • Introducing the person to others
  • Reminiscing
  • Improving communication through clues and cues
  • Designing appropriate activities
  • Pointing out past accomplishments
  • Helping to prevent challenging behaviors
  • Incorporating past daily rituals
  • Broadening the caregiving network and resources
Resources for the Life Story