Training Reviews

People who have attended Best Friends™ trainings say…

“From start to finish perfect! …David was validating, passionate, and extremely knowledgeable!”
Jessica Corbien, Victoria Order of Nurses

“Virginia and David are so passionate and intelligent. Very inspiring… It reminds me why I love my ‘calling’ [of] dementia care.”
Jami Schnell, R.N., B.S.N., Health/Wellness Dir., Leisure Care, Mackenzie Place Asst’d Living

“Interactive, open environment… This is a great training experience.”
Margaret Moody, Program Associate, Alzheimer’s Association, Western Carolina Chapter

“I liked the humor and the reality…I learned a great deal.”
—Jennifer Garner, R.N., Director of Health & Wellness, Leisure Care

“Virginia and Tonya left me wanting more! Their vast knowledge was inspiring…Tonya is now on my (short) list of teachers who have influenced me.”
—Melody Malec, Immanuel Communities 

“A game changer for those caring for persons with dementia.”
—Scott Tame, Regional Director of Operations, SeniorCare

“This is one of the best learning experiences I have been able to attend.”
—Jennifer Willis, Regional Nurse Consultant, Americare

“[David] has real hands-on experience in both the field and his personal life and was easy to relate to as a result.”
—Allison Fletcher, Victoria Order of Nurses

“Very relevant to our work, easy to use—we can all do it.”
—Michelle Reid, Sincoe County

“A great training—the best I’ve been to. The trainers are well educated and send you home with excitement to roll out this approach as soon as you get back to work.”
—Tracy Plonsky, LSW, Friendship Village of Bloomington

“Best training of 20 years in nursing!”
—Jerry Poluka, Heartland Village Leader, Elmcroft Senior Living

“Takes focus off clinical approach and allows staff to engage socially and spiritually on a deeper and more meaningful level.”
—Jennifer Benner, Director of Operations, Las Villas Del Norte SeniorCare

“It is without a doubt the most advanced and most human program a community may adopt for the people they serve.”
—Abby Pettit, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo

“The knowledge and practical advice of each instructor is just what the dementia care community need to make a big difference in small ways.”
—Kelly T. Fogg, Regional Engage Life Program Director, Atria Senior Living

“I would recommend Best Friends Master Trainer instruction to all professionals that are committed to excellence in dementia training and education.”
—Michelle Horazdorsky, Director of Life Enrichment and Community Integration, Evangelical Homes of Michigan 

“It’s an awesome program that can be used for everyone, not just dementia. The interaction among the group was very helpful and provided different methods of applying the Best Friends approach.”
—Franna Marszalek, Director of Life Enrichment, Pathway Senior Living

“The Best Friends Approach has truly been the best approach with all of our residents.  The main tenets hold true and we teach and expect staff to honor and respect these.”
—Terry George, Director of Operations, Veritas InCare

“It was very well organized and thought out. I liked being provided with words, ways, and examples to explain this ‘common sense’ approach. Prepares you to teach and lead.”
—Joseph Amend-Marshall, Director of Admissions and Social Services, Friendship Village of Bloomington/Lifespace Communities, Inc.

“Well organized and ‘user friendly’ for individuals to grasp material and to instruct others on concepts. The philosophy is able to address all cultures with the approach we all long for—to be treated with dignity and honor.”
—Barbara Kouba, Landsun Homes

“I think it helps demystify dementia care and activities and implements a more common sense/relational/real approach.”
—Michael Ciecierski, Senior Life Guidance Director, Atria Senior Living

“The level of leadership and talent that was available to meet and discuss ideas with was very enjoyable.”
—Kristy Redman, Executive Director/Owner, Prestige Estates Assisted Living & Memory Care

“I enjoyed that we were taught ideas and tactics to teach staff. It was lighthearted and fun—a great learning experience!”
—Anne Peterson, Activity Director, Good Shepherd Services

“Great overall educational opportunity and access to experts. I liked just getting new ideas and being energized.”
—Lisa Hutchins, Divisional Director Life Guidance Operations, Atria Senior Living

“The interaction, the humor, sharing, and overall ‘comfort’ of the conference was tremendous! I learned so much!”
—Nicole Francis, Divisional Director of Life Guidance Operations, Atria Senior Living