Program-Wide Adoptions

Across the U.S. and Canada, and even in other countries, state-level programs, healthcare agencies, and individual corporations have sought and been granted permission by Health Professions Press to create special programs featuring the Best Friends™ approach. Groups are encouraged to contact HPP if they are interested in exploring opportunities to customize initiatives using the Best Friends™ work and materials. The association of an organization’s program with the Best Friends™ brand can augment the high quality of the program’s offering, enhance outcomes for staff and families, and add to the attractiveness of the program for consumers.

Past and present ways in which respected programs have applied the Best Friends™ approach in their initiatives after entering into agreements with HPP are briefly described below. Contact HPP if you are interested in licensing Best Friends™ products or services.

State of Oregon (Senior & Disabled Services Division, Department of Human Resources)

  • Statewide initiative to train nursing home staff; included premium book sales customized by HPP, permission to develop program-specific training manuals as adapted by the authors from the original Best Friends™ works, and merchandising rights to use the Best Friends™ logo.

State of Maine (Office of Elder Services, Department of Health and Human Services, in collaboration with the Main Alzheimer’s Association)

  • Statewide training offered to nursing homes; written into Maine’s State Plan on Aging; additional licensing of permission for Best Friends™ logo use on staff clothing.

Alzheimer’s Society of Calgary, Canada

  • Only authorized center in Canada for Best Friends™ training using licensed, adapted Best Friends™ training materials.

Greater Illinois Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association

  • License, by an Alzheimer’ Association chapter, to create a 12-part staff training program offered through its Professional Training Institute using training materials adapted from Best Friends™ and co-created with the Best Friends™ developers.

Elmcroft Senior Living

  • This provided of assisted living and memory care services in various U.S. locations licenses use of the Best Friends™ brand and trade and service marks and has earned permission to label their Communities as “following the Best Friends™ Model of Care” in association with maintaining Best Friends™ Master Trainer certification among designated staff.

Americare Systems

  • This provider of assisted living and memory care services within its Assisted Living facilities division is licensed to access the Best Friends brand and trade and service marks, participate in the Best Friends™ Master Trainer Certification program, and incorporate Best Friends practices into their Communities’ dementia care services, thereby entitling use of the designation “following the Best Friends™ Model of Care.”

Atria Senior Living Group

  • Customized adaptation of the Best Friends™ activities books was produced in collaboration with the Best Friends™ authors, HPP, and Atria Senior Living, a nationwide provider of independent and assisted living communities, for exclusive use in Atria’s Life Guidance neighborhoods in support of residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

H. Lundbeck A/S (Pharmaceuticals), Australia 

  • The Australian division of this global pharmaceutical company secured permission and purchased customize reprints of the Best Friends™ activity books (both volumes) to use as educational “premiums” for client distribution.

American Baptist Homes of the West (ABHOW)

  • License, by this nonprofit public benefit corporation, to use Best Friends™ with guidance from David Troxel for internal staff training and programming in ABHOW’s memory support “Grove” communities.