What is Knack?


Knack...for the Bet Care!One of the key elements of Best Friends™, Knack is defined as—the art of doing difficult things with ease. The Knack represents an attitude and set of skills that guarantee the success of the Best Friends™ approach.


Having the Knack entails:

  • Knowledge: understanding Alzheimer’s disease and the experience of the person with the disease
  • Nurturing: through the Life Story, making care relevant to each person
  • Approach: effective communication with the person with dementia
  • Community: facilitating successful activities
  • Kinship: including family and friends in the care program*

*Source: The KNACK Learning Framework™ from the licensed Best Friends™ Approach Associate Trainer Program Created by Alzheimer Society Calgary (Canada).

The elements of Knack central to the Best Friends™ approach include:

  • Being well informed
  • Having empathy
  • Respecting the basic rights of the person
  • Maintaining caregiving integrity
  • Employing finesse
  • Knowing it is easier to get forgiveness than to get permission
  • Using common sense
  • Communicating skillfully
  • Maintaining optimism
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Using humor
  • Employing spontaneity
  • Maintaining patience
  • Developing flexibility
  • Staying focused
  • Being nonjudgmental
  • Valuing the moment
  • Maintaining self-confidence
  • Using cueing tied to the Life Story
  • Taking care of oneself
  • Planning ahead