Introductory Training in the Best Friends Approach

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On-Site Introductory Trainings and Seminars (1-2 day program)

We come to you!

The Best Friends™ Approach to Dementia Care offers customized introductory seminars to corporations, non-profits and communities of all types. Speaking, training and key note engagements are available for groups from 20-150 people by contacting  Speakers may be Expert Trainers or Certified Master Trainers in your area. Appropriate for Family members, Professional care providers and all those working or involved with individuals with dementia.

How It Works

Clients determine the venue for the training event and the professional development priorities for the participants. Common topics include the core elements of the Best Friends™ approach, staff training, and addressing challenging behaviors. Clients contact Health Professions Press (HPP) to arrange the customized training that best meets their needs, and HPP staff in turn shares the request with one of the Best Friends™ speakers and coordinates the three-way development of recommendations that will help meet the needs of the client group. Most seminars and trainings are 1 or 2 days in length. Additional arrangements can be made for keynote addresses, community events and staff coaching on a variety of topics.

Past attendees have included

Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Certified or Geriatric Nurse Aides, Adult Day Care and Activity Specialists, Social Workers,  Long Term Care Administrators, Executive Directors, Aging Consultants, Marketing, and Outreach Professionals.

Continuing Education and Contact Hour Credit

The Best Friend™ Approach Master Trainer program and other Dementia trainings may be eligible for CE credit and contact hours.  Contact for additional information.

Seminars and Workshops:

  • Introduction to the Best Friends™  Model of Dementia Care This introductory presentation teaches participants how to care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease using the Best Friends™ approach. Caregivers learn to integrate the essential elements of friendship—respect, empathy, trust, and humor—into their care techniques.
  • Creating a Dementia Friendly Company –  This staff training workshop will help care communities enhance the quality of their dementia care programs and develop an effective, satisfied staff. Become more dementia-capable by understanding the impact of dementia and care-giving on your workforce and market, so you can better meet customer and employee needs. Your Best Friends™ expert will help staff understand how utilizing this training approach achieve better outcomes and more rewarding experiences
  • Putting the Active into Activities – This interactive training demonstrates how to introduce meaningful engagements into the day and create activities in the moment —and why keeping persons active and engaged is good for the brain and body, reduces behaviors that are challenging to family and staff, and leads to greater happiness and well-being for all.. Participants learn communication and conversation tips, how to use songs and musical tie-ins, how to create intergenerational activities, and ideas for unprogrammed times, including evening activities.
  • Communicating with Success – An interactive workshop  that utilizes case studies, role play and group discussion. Participants will come away with practical, effective tips and techniques to take on the challenge of communicating with persons with dementia.
  • Hugs are Better than Drugs – Non-pharmacological and therapeutic environments can reduce the need for psychotropic drugs. Learn how to help your team and families turn frustration into satisfaction and failure into success.

Attendees: 20-150 depending on seminar

Typical Length: 2 sessions per day/ 1-2 days

Fees: $1,500-$2,500 per day (+ travel and expenses) depending on trainer for more information