Elements of Best Friends


The Best Friends™ Dementia Bill of Rights: The universal touchstone for dementia care reflects the underlying core principles of the Best Friends™ philosophy, stressing compassion, empathy, and respect in the face of a devastating disease.

Life Story: Good dementia care begins with the acknowledgement of a person’s life story. Because people with dementia often can no longer tell us their histories, care partners must become their biographers. The more a care partner knows about a person, the more he or she can use the Life Story to improve interactions and care.

Knack: Defined as “the art of doing difficult things with ease,” the Knack represents an attitude and set of skills that guarantee the success of the Best Friends™ approach (Knowledge, Nurturing, Approach, Community, Kinship).

Communication: Person-centered interactions are grounded in a core set of communication principles.

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